it is hard to buy a gift for a bride…


But here at Makoti Technologies™ we pride ourselves in providing a variety of guns, tools and technologies that enhance women’s desires, keep them safe, gives them superpowers while enhancing their attitudes. Our products are recommended by your very opinionated loved ones!
WARNING! Our products are not suitable for people who have a high tolerance to caucasity, misogyny, misogynoir, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, tribalism, white supremacy, capitalism and classism, OR people who have a low tolerance to difficult women.
Our products have a tendency to cause irritation to people who like their women nice. If irritation occurs, plz cuntinue. This gun is more suitable for those people who don’t have a sensitivity to an over load of femininity. Some of the gunz here might require some of yall to actually consider giving back the land. 


The Sugar Daddies Gun Range (2021)


The Msoon Wurcko Gun Range (2020)

In the case of our products failing to fulfil their given functions or the gunz harming the user, we cannot be held liable therefore we have asked God to apologize and beg you for forgiveness one day. Happy Kill Joying makoti!


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