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it is hard to buy a gift for a bride…



But here at Makoti, we pride ourselves in providing a variety of guns, tools, and killjoy technology that enhance women’s desires, keeps them safe, encouraging attitudes while giving them superpowers.

Makoti Dreamz™ Guns

  • Do you want to walk around at night?
  • Do you want to fuck him and then steal his job?
  • Do you want to make your daddy or husband pregnant?
  • Do you want to give your boyfriend period pains or “innocent men” their menses because they copped-a-feel in those recurring nightmares you are having?
  • Do you want to feel safe everyday?
  • Do you want to prevent sexual assault cases from disappearing?
  • And you are tired of being taken for a poes?

We can get you a gun that enters your dreamz!


Rape Schedule Gun dream enterer

Women are constantly invited to be vigilant and to alter their lives in response to the “female fears” of sexual violence, this range of makoti guns mirrors and critiques the so-called ways/tools for women to avoid getting violated.

Rape Schedule Guns

  • Do you want to undermine the safety advice your very opinionated parents are giving you?
  • Are you tired of flinching everytime you are in a room alone with your boyfriend or coworkers or other males because that very opinionated granny told you to stop being in rooms alone with men that time when you complained about sexual harassment?
  • Do you want affirmation that your hoeing is not putting you in danger?
  • Do you want to undermine your “actual” police?
  • Are you tired of always having to get a senatla to protect you from other senatlas?
  • Do you want to hold your husband, father, uncles and other women accountable for making men comfortable and loving and protecting black men in your community?
  • And you are tired of being taken for a poes?

We can get you a Rape Schedule gun!








There is a Sepedi proverb that goes “mosadi o tshwara thipa ka bogaleng” which translates to, “a woman holds a knife by the side that is sharp”. It gives valour to women, and also implies self-sacrifice made by women. Guns are usually attached to masculinity. So by targeting womxn, necessarily bomakoti,  we are disrupting the notion of predetermined object (gender) associations. The knife can be seen as metaphoric in the sense that women use it in the kitchen – a place where women are subjected to be in, but also looking at how the knife is seen as a weapon in a different space and detached from femininity. Guns, however, come to mind when we think about valour. This is why we at makoti grant you the gift of the paper guns instead of a knife to hold on the sharp side… haha.

Gold Plated Lemonade Graded Bridal Catalogue

  • Are you striving to show that womxn and gurls have options?
  • Are you tired of other women taking you for a poes by telling you they got a son for you to marry and they call you makoti nje.
  • Are you tired of being annoyed by people Harriet Tubman would have shot?
  • Are you worried that your mother could perhaps be a patriarchy princess?
  • Are you tired of pick-mes?

We can get you a gun that F*s mosadi o tshwara thipa ka bogaleng.





Our products are not suitable for people who have a high tolerance to caucasity, misogyny, misogynoir, homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, tribalism, white supremacy, capitalism and classism,
People who have a low tolerance to difficult women.

Our products have a tendency to cause irritation to people who like their women nice. If irritation occurs plz-continoue.


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